The Vaccaro Trucking Side Loader

Vaccaro Trucking is the largest, independently owned transportation carrier in the Midwest. Our Side Loader fleet lets us transport containers to an from confined locations. For more information, watch the video here or call us today for more information at (773) 734-9305.

Your Trucking Needs Fulfilled

Whatever you are shipping, Vaccaro Trucking has the best and most efficient method to get it to its destination. From small vehicles to shipping containers to heavy equipment, Vaccaro Trucking has the shipping solution for you! Learn more by watching the video here or call us today at (773) 734-9305.

Storage Container Transport Services
Vaccaro Trucking is the best provider of Storage Container Transport Services

- Deliver/Pick-Up 10-48’ Size CONEX Containers Safely, Reliably And On Time

- Transport Containers-Empty Or Loaded Containers With Up 80,000 Lbs Of Material/Supplies

- Move Them Safely And Securely To Ground Level For Easy Accessibility.

- Ability to pick up and deliver containers in confined spaces.
Side Loader Fleet
Vaccaro Trucking offers shipping container transportation utilizing our specialized side loader technology:

- Shipment of Empty Containers

- Shipment of Loaded Containers Up To 80,000 Pounds.

- Pickup of Containers In A Confined Space

- Delivery of Containers In A Confined Space

- More
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